Gratz Opus 118 Music & Dance


  Jim has been my voice teacher for 4 years and he has been a amazing teacher! In the past 4 years, my voice has improved significantly, thanks to Jim.  

Aaliyah E, Student.

  My son started over a year ago - he really wanted to try a new hobby. We weren't really sure if this would be a great fit at first, but I must say after working with 2 great instructors, we got over the initial hump! Now my son enjoys class every week and has a zest for learning new music and practicing at home.  

Gus D, Parent.

  I love having the opportunity to stop by Gratz Opus 118. Here at this store, I can find the books I need to purchase for my students. Judy and Candace provide a helpful and caring atmosphere. When you walk in, you're surrounded by lovely music to listen to while you're searching for music to play for yourself and your students! Judy is always able to make suggestions about books if you're not sure what to get. If you don't have time to stop in, give these ladies a call for your needs. They will search until you find what you need. These ladies care about our success as teachers.  

Renee G, Piano Teacher.

  I love how the levels in piano are organized from easy to hard. Jim does a great job teaching me! I want to be like Alicia Keys!  

Sonja F, Student.

  My children have been with Gratz for the last 4 years and have continuously sharpened their musical talents. They love working with Jim!  

Cynthia F, Parent.